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E3 has passed, and waiting at the end like a carrot on a stick was a long-awaited glimpse at Breath of the Wild 2, one of the most anticipated sequels in history.

Of course, any discourse about Breath of the Wild means there’s also discourse about its most controversial mechanic: weapon durability. I love Breath of the Wild, but I’ve always felt like there was something off about the game, so I’m going to squeeze that sweet, sequel SEO juice for all its worth and finally talk about what I think the first game and its followup should do differently.

Riot’s mobile release is the uncompromised TFT experience, even if it fails to deliver an on-the-go fantasy

Saying anything online about games these days seems to flood angry gamers to your mentions like bait in a koi pond. But there’s one thing that even the angry anime avis can agree on: Mobile games tend to suck. Mobile ports tend to suck even more

Yet ever since Riot’s autobattler Teamfight Tactics dropped last summer, rumblings of a mobile port have sprouted all over Reddit threads and Youtube comment sections like weeds. Once an official announcement hit in October, it was full steam ahead to Thursday’s launch of Teamfight Tactics Mobile on iOS and Android.

The thought of being…

Most nights, just before I get into bed, I respond to letters from strangers. The end of every letter is punctuated with a dash and a single character.

My inbox is like a magazine cutout collage. D. M. o. s. G. h. X.

I don’t know who‘s writing to me or who I’m writing to. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that somewhere, a warm body said, “I hear you.”

Kind Words is a game I bought on a whim for a dollar in November. That first night, with the lights off in my room, I fell into the…

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Within five minutes of playing ScourgeBringer, I felt like a swashbuckling ninja, bouncing around stages and slicing through enemies. After about three hours, I felt like a master of arms, dancing through bullet-hell battlefields and manipulating my enemies in stylish fashion as I closed in for the kill.

Image: Sayonara Wild Hearts, Simogo

Two indie games in the last half a year or so have included remixes of Debussy’s Clair De Lune in their soundtracks.

Why is Clair De Lune making its way into so many of these moody, technological art pieces? Why is the original not suitable on its own? Whatever the answer, I will never get bored of hearing it remixed and messed around with.

I hate that I’m about to say this, but more than anything, Clair De Lune — and all of Debussy’s music, really — is a mood. He rejected the classification, but I’m sorry, Claude. …

Image: Subset Games, art by Artem Brullov

Gaming is, unfortunately, an expensive hobby.

Every medium parallel to gaming requires its own buy-in, sure, but the fact is that an HBO or Netflix subscription — or even the price of a new DVD — is way less than what it costs to stay current with video games. New AAA releases cost $60, and to play those you need to spend several hundred on a $300-$400 console or even more on a PC beefy enough to play new games for the next several years. …

A fly is dying in my bedroom.

An unusually warm New England winter means we’re dealing equally now with certain pests as we were in July and August. Namely, stink bugs and ladybugs. In the evenings I’ll often see two or three of those brown ugly things walking along the ceiling above my lamp or — god forbid — crawling across my laptop as I write. Sometimes they’re in the kitchen on a cabinet door handle, or one crawls across the TV while we watch a movie.

Though morning, day and night, I hear a fly buzzing around my windows.

A little over a year ago I wrote a blog titled “URF Just Isn’t Very Fun.” In it, I argued that League of Legends’ iconic temporary game mode, “Ultra Rapid Fire,” was bad because it was too much of a coin toss.

I have a public statement to make regarding that article.

It turns out I’m an idiot. URF rules, actually. I’m sorry.

When a film about context has it all stripped away

Anyone who’s been in a failing relationship knows that it’s hard to talk about. I don’t just mean that it’s ‘hard to talk about’, though it is that, but rather that it’s hard to talk about. You’re hesitant to open up about the worst of the screaming arguments, the thrown objects, the sharp words and suddenly find yourself trying to justify them — especially when it escalates from something that seems so small to someone else. How can you explain that a disagreement over the thermostat built up to a traumatic breakdown?

Talking to someone on the outside about what…

Image: Riot Games

Until earlier this year, the “s” at the end of League of Legends developer and industry giant Riot Games had been unearned. On June 26, just under 10 years after League of Legends first launched, Riot released its second-ever game, Teamfight Tactics. An “autochess” game based on the characters and world of their wildly successful base game, TFT has seen massive success in a short amount of time, attracting 33 million monthly players in its short life span with a professional scene of its own in the works.

It seems that this mini-strategy game, deep and complex in its own…

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